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1. Brian "T.J." Daring - A.W.F. World Champion.
Former Champion C.D. Destroyer was to defend at October FunFest 2011.

The current #1 contender is R.J. Destroyer.
C.D. Destroyer was stripped of the title effective March 1, 2012 due to his claimed reign including a time period in which the A.W.F. was not active.

After Phantom, who had been promised a title shot declined acceptance of the vacated title, Daring was awarded the belt shortly after the NAWA was absorbed by the A.W.F. effective 6/1/2012.

2. Dreadnaught - A.W.F. InterContinental Champion, to defend
at October FunFest 2011. He will be defending against The Golden
Ranger. This will be Golden Ranger's first Title shot since joining
the A.W.F. in the latter months of 2009.

3. The Hordlings = A.W.F. World Tag-Team Champions, to defend
at October FunFest 2011. Currently slotted to challenge them are the
Zealots. Also worth mentioning is the immediate defense clause in
this title match contract. Immediately following this match's
outcome, the winning team must make a defense against The Minotaurs in
a South Dakota Pit Match.

Current Standings for non title holders (listed to top 3)
A.W.F. World Title contenders
1. R.J. Destroyer
2. Mossad
The Grinch

A.W.F. InterContinental Title contenders
Golden Ranger

A.W.F. World Tag-Team Title contenders
The Minotaurs
The Zealots
The Young Lions

Other A.W.F. wrestlers:
- Cannibal
The Troublesome Twerps (Diva V, Girly Girl and Tomboy)
- The Green Bay Grappler
- Loneraptor
- Scrota
- Taylor