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American Wrestling Federation (A.W.F.) Rules & Regulations
Section One:  Membership
Participation is on the participantís own time and at the participantís own risk.  A participant is defined as fans, officials, seconds, wrestlers, etc.  The A.W.F. and its 
members, etc. are not responsible for any loss or damage (real or alleged) during the conduction of any part of any meet, event, or match.
The A.W.F. is open to wrestlers 115 pounds and over.  Minors who wish to wrestle under A.W.F. Rules must have parental consent.  Minors under 115 pounds will 
compete under amateur rules and must have parental consent.  Loneraptor would be the official contact in that regard and can be contacted through A.W.F. Owner 
Tim Balderramos in order to sanction such matches.  Exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
By participating in any A.W.F. event, it is assumed participants have read and have agreed to abide by the Official A.W.F. Rules and Regulations, as well as any 
accompanying documentation (i.e., waiver, release, etc.). This policy holds true even if the participant does not sign a release, waiver, etc.
A release/waiver form will be available online or by request for the convenience of A.W.F. members, and A.W.F. members would be required to abide by any and all 
guidelines established by the A.W.F. and the A.W.F. Senior Board.
Equal Opportunity:
The A.W.F. is an equal-opportunity league.  No participant may be prevented or forbidden from participation based on anything that could be considered prejudicial.   
Disciplinary actions regarding participants (i.e., wrestlers, referees), when necessary, shall be initiated by the A.W.F. President.  As a general rule, the statute of limitations 
regarding problems with conduct, actions, etc., is one year.  In short, nothing past one yearís time is admissible when considering the suspension, etc. of a participant.  
Further, any disciplinary action considered excessive or unfair should not be allowed; and any disciplinary action will remain limited to a personís role in an A.W.F. event 
and shall not extend to a personís front-office position, ownership status, etc.  Special cases may be considered by the A.W.F. owner at their discretion as needed.
Open Door Policy
The A.W.F. exercises an Open Door Policy whereas any A.W.F. member is free to participate in other organizations, enter and leave the A.W.F. as desired, etc.  Any 
new member wishing to enter the A.W.F. must inform the A.W.F. Senior Board before they are considered official.  Any member of the A.W.F. may contact any A.W.F. 
Senior Board member directly if they feel something is not being addressed in a timely manner.  Such issues will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
Section Two:  Match Rules
Match contracts valid either spoken or written.
Special contract clauses must be approved beforehand.
The A.W.F. Senior Board must be notified BEFORE any match/card is to take place.  Any activity that occurs without the A.W.F. Senior Boardís knowledge will NOT be 
recognized by the A.W.F.
NOTE:  All amateur moves allowed.  Other specific rules for a given match will be handled
    by the presiding referee and/or in the match contract itself.
A.W.F. Titles:
Singles Titles (*=TBD):
         A.W.F. World Title*
         A.W.F. I-C Title*
         A.W.F. World Television Title*
Tag Titles (*=TBD):
         A.W.F. World Tag Team Titles
Section Three:  Referees Guidelines
The referee is the final real-time authority in all matches.  Decisions reversible only by the A.W.F. Head Referee or via the A.W.F. Board of Appeal (BOA) when deemed 
necessary.  Any BOA reversals are subject to ratification by the league head (A.W.F. President) at their discretion.  Any BOA hearing will be organized by the A.W.F. 
Owner and is subject to its latest charter (available on request).
Section Four:  A.W.F. Senior Board Guidelines
Senior Staff/Front Office:
Senior Board (all permanent positions assigned by the owner):
         Tim Balderramos, A.W.F. President
o   Responsible for overseeing the Senior Board, setting up cards and matches, etc.
         Anthony Tech, A.W.F. Vice-President
o   Responsible for assisting the A.W.F. President in their duties, etc.
         Mike Young**, A.W.F. Head Referee
o   Responsible for studying the rules, considering proposals (improvements, changes, etc.), training referees, reviewing matches, etc.
      **=currently suspended 
Chain of Command:
A.W.F. staff will include trained officials, wrestlers, etc.  Members, staff are to report to the Senior Board.  Any ideas, updates, concerns, etc. may be communicated to any 
A.W.F. Senior Board member.  All official statements, rankings, records, publications, announcements, etc. will be communicated via the Official A.W.F. web site 
(  All members of the A.W.F. are expected to keep an open line of communication with the Senior Board.  Failure to do so may result in 
disciplinary action or the member in question entering an inactive status.
All official A.W.F. news and data will come from the A.W.F. Senior Board and will be relayed as necessary to third party news sources (i.e., GGG News Network (GNN) ©).  
NOTE:  GNN© currently has express written consent to use A.W.F. data.
Dispute resolution:
The A.W.F. Senior Board will work as a sounding board and, if necessary, voting body in dealing with conflict resolution. Any given topic/conflict, excluding topics 
regarding disclosure requirements, history, and ownership, may be voted on by the Board.  A majority is required to ratify any given measure.  

        NOTE:  Until further notice, the A.W.F. President (Tim Balderramos) has been afforded "emergency" Senior Board powers - whereas he can act on the Board's behalf as 
deemed necessary.  These "emergency powers" extent to other services like the A.W.F. Magazine and the JMSG.
NOTE:  The A.W.F. Rules and Regulations are subject to change without prior notice