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NOTE:  The answers to these questions are subject to change based on policy issues, customer feedback, etc.

How would Pow-R-Play work?

A customer would sign up for the service on a monthly basis.  While subscribed, the player would have their numbers automatically played for each drawing.

How do the numbers get played?

Upon subscribing, the customer notifies Pow-R-Play which numbers they want to play, how many tickets to buy each drawing, etc.  A Pow-R-Play representative would then go out and purchase said ticket(s) for the customer.

Do I get the tickets sent to me?

No.  All tickets would be held by Pow-R-Play.  With the drawings as frequent as they are, it would be impossible to maintain a mailing service for so many tickets.  Further complicating things would be the risk of tickets lost in transit, rising postal charges, etc.  As a subscriber, you would be assured that your numbers are in play for each drawing during which you are a subscriber.

What about quick picks?

Quick picks would be a more complicated issue since you would not know which numbers were being played, and said numbers would surely be different if you got a quick pick ticket yourself versus our getting it for you.  Pow-R-Play is considering this option, but has not established a set decision at this time.  Options to handle quick picks include emailing the numbers to the subscriber upon purchase, or sending a scan of the actual ticket so that the customer can confirm they have a quick pick in play.  In either case, an additional premium charge per ticket would likely need to be added.

How do I collect winnings?

In the event of a winning ticket, a Pow-R-Play representative would handle collecting the winnings - to include any media interaction when necessary.  Pow-R-Play would then forward a check payable to the subscriber in the amount of the cash-equivalent after-taxes total. 

Can I take the annuity option if I win a large amount?

No.  As with any company, Pow-R-Play cannot foresee whether this service will persist for as long as it would take to pay out an annuity.  Therefore, all winnings will be taken via the cash equivalent option.

How will subscription fees, winnings, be handled?

Pow-R-Play is considering numerous options.  One likely plan is the use of the PayPal service.  PayPal allows you to send and receive payments quickly and safely via the Internet.  Not only could you set up your PayPal account to automatically make subscription payments month-to-month, it would also allow Pow-R-Play to send along any winnings quickly and easily.

So - how much are we talking here, cost-wise that is?

We mentioned pennies on the dollar.  We would charge the face value of each ticket purchased plus a service fee of 25 cents per ticket.  If we indeed elect to handle quick picks, add an additional 15 cents per quick pick ticket.  So, if you played one static set of numbers (1 ticket) each drawing for a typical month, that would be a subscription cost of only $12 for that month - while getting a lot more "bang for the buck" than you get with PowerPick.


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