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Powerball ticket subscription service

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A new way to play!

With so much going on in our everyday lives, it is all too often easy to forget about grabbing that Powerball ticket.  Have you ever suffered through that sick feeling of "what if?"  What if this was my turn to hit it big?  What if my numbers come up on the ONE TIME I didn't play them?

Believe me, it HAS happened - I know someone who didn't play their numbers only to see them come up.  Could you imagine what it must feel like to miss out on countless MILLIONS OF DOLLARS?!

With Pow-R-Play, you won't have to.

Pow-R-Play is an innovative initiative that would allow players to subscribe to a ticket service.  Just as a newspaper subscriber gets their paper each day, players would be assured of having their numbers in play each and every drawing.  No more worrying about getting to the store!  No more forgetting to play your numbers.  No more maddening crowds during those times when the jackpot is big...

Pow-R-Play is NOT a lottery pool!

Unlike PowerPick, in which you pay large fees for diluted potential winnings, Pow-R-Play works with its subscribers strictly on a one-on-one basis.  When you subscribe, YOU are the holder of your numbers, and YOU and you ALONE cash in on any winnings.  Another benefit:  Pow-R-Play would handle all media interaction upon a ticket winning media-worthy amounts.  Imagine:  Winning the jackpot while remaining anonymous!  For many who have concerns about the attention that a Powerball jackpot would bring, that can be a big plus!

All that we require is a small subscription fee, which would amount to mere pennies on the dollar.  In other words, it would be the equivalent of having a friend or family member run out to buy your ticket - and giving them some change for a gumball for their trouble.

BUT:  We need YOU to make this happen!

At this time, Pow-R-Play is little more than an idea geared to meet the needs of today's busy lottery players.  But unless we can build a network of players ready to jump on board, Pow-R-Play will remain an idea.

To show your interest in Pow-R-Play, please send us an email by clicking the link below.  Also, feel free to pose any questions or concerns that you may have.

Thank you for supporting Pow-R-Play

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